Based on creating TOP ideas for your packaging
Brands today compete more than ever to capture the attention of their customers.

We know what must be done.

Our team of strategic experts understand that brands today compete more than ever for their target customers' attention, and it is becoming increasingly challenging to send out in the marketplace online and retail shelves alike. To truly stand out in these highly saturated spaces the brand development process must be aligned with the company's sales strategy.

This will increase the outreach to your target market while reinforcing brand loyalty with the existing client base.

In Top Packaging Design we will take the necessary steps to understand our customers immediate and extended target markets and consider the different sales avenues that will be applied to effectively reach those individuals. This step of our process will allow our creative team to incorporate your vision in our design while considering the desired packaging materials and finishes to deliver the complete message your brand needs to convey to the target market and beyond.

Our Process


Parliamentary meeting with our client

* The first step for any successful project is to meet with you and your team to understand the general direction of your vision for the brand with the immediate and extended target market for your product line.
* In addition, we will need to establish the type of packaging we will need to design (labels, shrink sleeves, boxes, stand up pouches, blisters, display units ect...)
* Our goal is to incorporate the DNA and the culture of your company into the creative process and make sure the brand is unique due to our clients input.



We will dive into your industry to assess the competition, find common denominators within the industry leading brands and learn the current trends to come up with "ahead of the curve" concepts.



Our experience in packaging design for more than half a dozen industries allows us to create a unique team discussion that allows efficient concept migration for the same target market.



Our creative team will design and deliver the first three logo concepts within 3 business days. The logo and the concept will provide a clear direction to design the rest of the packaging and maintain visual appeal.


Concept review

At this point we will review the logos, identify the logo that speaks to you the most and start working on adjustments. Once we confirm the final logo design we can move to the packaging design.


Final review

At this point we should have your packaging ready for your review. We will make the final adjustments and send you the open files for you to own.


Custom Sample

Whether you have a reliable packaging provider or you are completely new to packaging , we are here to help!
We can work with your current vendor based on their specifications to ensure they have no issues with the files we created or if you would like for us to quarterback the custom samples we are here to support you in every way we can.